Going Rogue With a Purpose

Yes, you read that category post correctly, a new project from BOJF based on Star Wars™!

No, we are not into making films based off current pop-culture,
unless God gives us a specific opportunity to share the gospel in a way that honors Him. And as to Star Wars™, God has given us that opportunity.
Most of you are probably aware of the new Star Wars™ film coming out this winter, Rogue One.

To promote the new toy line they just released for this upcoming film, Star Wars™ is holding a two-minute film contest called "Go Rogue." The premise of the contest is to make a two minute film with your spin on the upcoming Rogue One. A panel of judges, including the director of Rogue One, will select the winning entries.

They told us to be original and to be sure to put our own spin on Star Wars™ and by God's grace, we are going to do just that! Star Wars™ with the gospel? Absolutely!

One of the characters in this new film is blind and said to be deeply spiritual. This has given us a perfect avenue to share the gospel, without making it look like the gospel was forced into the film.

We know we probably won't win the contest presenting the gospel in the film, but that is not our purpose. We are going rogue because this is an opportunity for some of the most influential people in the creation of Star Wars™ to watch a Star Wars™ based film that shares the gospel. Not to mention the many people who will no doubt view this film simply because of the popularity of Star Wars™.

So please pray for us, that God would give us the strength and grace to complete this film as it is due Friday, and that the Lord would prepare the hearts of those who watch this film.

We have hoped and prayer for an opportunity to present the gospel to the many involved in creating Star Wars™ and the many fans of the franchise. God has given us this once in a lifetime opportunity and we want to give it our best for His glory!

May we be faithful in this calling, may the gospel be proclaimed boldly, and may God alone receive all of the glory!

Romans 1:16

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