Project 8 Aka Fairy Tale Ark

The official name for Project 8 is "Fairy Tale Ark." We look forward to sharing this next stop-motion film that is based, well kinda (take some hints from the name), on the biblical and historical event of Noah's ark. We will let you speculate on the name till next Friday when we release the synopsis for the film. :)
Lord-willing as promised, the official trailer for "Fairy Tale Ark" will also be released next Friday.

We continue to ask for your prayers as the masking, keying, and editing we blogged about last week continues to take longer then we anticipated. Continue to pray for those editing the film to have patience as we strive to make this film the best it can be. We are definitely going to need a lot of prayer if we are to release the trailer next week. The Lord has indeed been good to us and has allowed us to keep moving forward and He has given us the strength to overcome every obstacle thus far. We are confident that He will help us to finish this project as we press on for His glory.

Below we have included some more before and after photos of the continued masking, keying, and editing we are doing.

Fairy Tale Ark BTS 1 pictureFairy Tale Ark BTS 2 pictureFairy Tale Ark BTS 3 pictureFairy Tale Ark BTS 4 picture