Voice Recordings and 4K

The latest news on Project 9 is voice recordings and 4K.

We have started voice recording sessions earlier this year then we normally do for the annual Perfect Praise Publishing Video Contest. This film is looking like it is going to have our best voice cast yet! We are really excited to see how the finished project is going to turn out!
Secondly, Project 9 from here on is going to be filmed in 4K. For all of our past films, we have been capturing our footage and importing it through iStopMotion3. The resolution of our photos has been captured as 960 by 540 and then we have been stepping it up to full HD in FCPX. Just recently however, we found a way to capture our footage in full HD. Then we figured out how to capture it in 4K and the results have been stunning! And yes, the higher resolution footage comes with the need for slightly larger storage requirements. A 22 second clip captured in 4K is nearly 10 gigabytes. Yes, 10 gigabytes! With about 6 minutes left to film, there will be about 180 gigabytes additionally in rough film footage alone!
Praise the Lord we are blessed with some external multiple terabyte hard drives. :)

So Project 9 will be our first film to be filmed in 4K resolution, about 70-80% of the film at least.

Finally, please continue to keep us in your prayers. So many doors seem to be open for the future of BOJF and we need the wisdom to know where God is directing us to use our talents and time. We are humbled with all the Lord has blessed us to be able to do through this ministry and we desire to keep our eyes fixed on Him alone as we continue to press forward. We never want to forget our motto, "By God's grace and for His glory!"
Lord-willing, we look forward to sharing some exciting developments soon that have been going on behind the scenes here at BOJF!

Thank you all for your continued support and to God alone be the glory!

Below are some screenshots of some of the recently captured 4K footage.

C Screenshot Raw Image 1C Screenshot Raw Image 1Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 9.19.08 PM