Sixth Film is Underway! Pray!

Well, it is official! By the Lord’s grace, our sixth film is now underway!

The last two days have been mostly prep-work, set-up and set building for the first scene of the film.
We are excited about this project and are looking forward to see what the Lord is going to do through this project! May He alone be glorified in and through it!

You all are probably wondering what the name of the film is, what sets we’ve been building, etc. Well, we are not allowed to disclose anything yet... :) But stay tuned, in the days ahead we will, Lord-willing, be posting behind the scenes photos, videos, and maybe even some unedited footage that will be in the film.

We ask for your prayers as we start on this massive film endeavor, stop-motion is never easy, and we are aware that we need the Lord’s guidance in every aspect of the film, down to the tiniest detail. Pray that we may be patient, humble, and the Lord will be invited into every frame of this film and that He alone would be glorified through it all. Also, pray even now for the hearts of those who will watch the finished project, that they would be touched by the message of the film.

We are thrilled to be starting on another film and look forward to sharing the finished project with you all Lord-willing!

To God be the glory!

-Because of Jesus Films
Ephesians 3:20