Website Update

We haven't disappeared even though our last posted update was over three weeks ago. There still has been a lot going on behind the scenes at BOJF, by God's grace.

Our website is finally getting a much needed update. With the increase in traffic expected from our next film, Project 6, as we are calling it as of now, and the reality it just needed a face-lift, it finally got some attention.
So what is new in our Website 2.5 release?

  • A totally overhauled home page.
  • A brand new About Us page, including a new section dedicated to Our Story. Ever wanted to know the history of BOJF and how we got started? Well, now you can read all about it and hear the history of how the Lord took a simple dream and in His strength and power, brought it to reality.
  • Refreshed Movie pages, without the sidebar that made the pages feel too cluttered for our liking. We also added some screenshots from each film to make the pages more eye-appealing.
  • A redesigned links page that provides lots of useful links ranging from filmmaking to Bible studies, along with a short bio for each link.
  • A refreshed Sitemap page that we can finally read.
  • A cleaned-up blog easier to read with new categories and tags, making it easier to find what you are looking for. The ability to comment was added to each post as well.
  • Margins added to every page for the first time to give each and every page a more user-friendly experience.
  • The text size was increased on every page to improve legibility.
  • We also added a website translator, so if your computer's main language is anything besides English, a translator option will pop up, allowing you to translate any page of our website into 50 different languages.
  • And lots of under the hood improvements that you'll never see, but that will make your web browsing experience faster and more smoother.

You might also notice that the Polls page and the Store page are no longer up on the site. They are currently in the works and will, by God's grace, be added back in again with our next website update.

We hope you enjoy our fresh and updated website!
Also, if you ever encounter an issue while browsing or would like to see something added to this site, by all means, contact us using our Contact Us page.

Also, as to Project 6, there just might be an update coming in the next day or two…

God bless and thank you to each and every one who continues to encourage and bless us as we press on in this ministry! To God and God alone be the glory! Amen!