Post-Good Friday, Pre-Resurrection Sunday

Saturday, a day in-between two of the most well-known days for us as Christians. Saturday is normally overlooked, while we give more attention to the days before and after it.

But is Saturday really just the day between Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday? Simply day two? Or is there more to it?
We would like to present there is more to Saturday. So bear with me and let's think about this day in a different and new light.

Friday, the day that wrecked the disciples hopes and dreams of a Messiah. Their Christ, their King, had been brutally killed on a cross. Now He was dead and gone. With the burial of His body, all the hope and light seemed to go into the ground with Him. It was over.

Saturday dawns, day two of a nightmare you can't wake up from. The prayer of "Why God?" seems to return unanswered. Hope is gone, dreams are crushed, the light seems to be overpowered by darkness, the future seems bleak and meaningless. It's Saturday, the day of hopelessness.

The disciples dream of seeing Jesus be their Christ, their Messiah, is dead, yet they are still alive. The Son of God is dead, His body is entombed, death has conquered. Yet, God is silent. No answer to the prayer of whatever happened to His great rescue plan. Silence remains.

Yet, we all know the historical account, Jesus rises from the dead on Sunday! It is not over, rather it was just the beginning! God's plan hadn't run aground, on the contrary, it was fulfilled exactly as He planned!

So, back to the original question, what is the meaning of Saturday?

Saturday is the day our hope is gone, when we feel as if we are in a black hole with no end in sight. Our Saturdays can last a few hours or even years. We pray, yet, it seems our prayers return unanswered. We feel lifeless, hopeless, despair sets in, meaninglessness seems to abound, and all that we prayed and hoped for seems to be dead in the ground, buried and gone, forever. Cries of "Why God?" "Where are You?" "Why is this happening?" "Are You still there?" seem to return unanswered and doubt and despair replace the hope and faith we have.

Yet, we so easily forget. Yes, our Friday has hit us hard and we feel defeated. Now as our Saturday sets in, it seems that it is over. Yet, we only need to remember one thing,

Sunday is coming.

The glorious day of resurrection, joy, peace, hope, light and life is coming! It is just around the corner! The enemy has not won, God alone is the victor!

On Sunday death is replaced with life, darkness with light, despair with hope, meaninglessness with purpose, tears with laughter, sorrow with joy, and defeat with victory.

No, it is not over. Sunday is coming.

So if we are in a Saturday point in our lives, let us remember that this is Saturday, there is a light at the end of this tunnel. This is far from over, new beginning is fast approaching. God has not forgotten us, He is readying us for Sunday.

Let us not lose hope, our future is still bright and full of purpose, the enemy has not won, he has been conquered. God is at our side and He will carry us, even in the Saturdays of our lives. He loves us so much that He gave us Good Friday, Saturday, and Resurrection Sunday. We don't need to ask if God loves, He showed that to us already, by His Son's death, burial, and resurrection.

Praise the Lord for Friday, even Saturday, and yes, Sunday! Hallelujah! To God alone be the glory!

In Christ's love and purpose, even in the Saturdays,
Because of Jesus Films
Romans 8:28, Jeremiah 29:11