BOJF Website Upgrade 3.1

It has been eight months since we rolled out our brand-new, totally overhauled and redesigned website.
While there have been minor changes, error fixes and a few new pages added since its release, overall, it has been the same 3.0 rollout of our website.

Today, we are THRILLED to announce the 3.1 rollout of the official BOJF website.
We have been hard at work with this new update, seeking to make our website more user friendly, as well as making improvements. Our intention in these upgrades is that this website might continue to be used to its full potential to the glory of God.

Without further ado,
below is a list of all the new features and improvements the update brings.

  • Forced SSL connection for encryption of sensitive information handled on the site
  • Added ability to digitally rent & purchase select films
  • Improved desktop browsing experience
  • Improved mobile browsing experience
  • Shrunk banner images for better site visibility
  • Removed page titles from banners due to mobile browsing issues
  • Added banner titles to the text of film pages
  • Enhanced About Us Page
  • Enhanced Behind the Scenes Page
  • Enhanced & cleaned up Home Page

To God alone be the glory!