"Time Changer"

Today we are excited to endorse a powerful Christian film, "Time Changer."

Recently we had the privilege to screen this film and are working on promoting a one night showing in our own city.
Our entire team was challenged in our own walks with the Lord by the message presented in this film.
The main message is you can’t teach good morals apart from Jesus Christ. Satan isn’t afraid of good morals, he is afraid of the name of Jesus Christ. You can be a good steward of this earth and we can practically guarantee you that very little opposition is going to come. Yet, the moment you start being a good steward and telling others that God is the one who made this universe, be sure the opposition will come. 

This film, even more importantly, unapologetically proclaims the name of Jesus Christ and the gospel. As Scripture says and we have witnessed in our own lives, the Word of God and the proclamation of the name of Jesus Christ do not return void!

As Christian filmmakers, we also appreciated the solid stance this film took on godly entertainment. Sadly, many of us as Christians have allowed compromise to creep in when it comes to our choices of entertainment. One of the visions of BOJF is to see that mindset change in the church. Compromise always leads to more compromise. We earnestly desire to see Christians making wise decisions in their own entertainment choices. Wrong is wrong no matter how it is presented in a film!

With all that being said, Because of Jesus Films is pleased to give this film our wholehearted endorsement. This film is a must see for anyone!