Welcome to the Resource Page!

This resource page was created with the sole intention to help assist you in your filmmaking endeavors.
Here we have listed many of the services and products we use for our filmmaking.

Now take those gifts and talents you have been given by God Almighty and use them for His glory alone and in the strength that He provides!

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Software (Mac)
iMovie - The editing software we used before upgrading to FCPX. A wonderful piece of free software that is perfect for the beginning filmmaker and even more advanced filmmaker.
Final Cut Pro X - Our main editing program for all of our films.
Plural Eyes 4 - Automatically syncs audio from live-action filmmaking.
Paintbrush - Program we use for creating all our mouth shapes and movements, great for basic masking too.
Affinity - Like Photoshop, yet only a one time purchase fee, which we greatly appreciate. Used for creating all image media for BOJF, posters, thumbnails, flyers, business cards and so forth.
Dragonframe - The software we use to capture our pictures as we animate, allowing us to see a live preview. It then creates the pictures into a movie we then export into FCPX. A bunch of other features are loaded into this program that we have never used or tried.
Rapid Weaver 8 - Our website creator software. A very powerful tool, no need to know coding!
Pages - The software we simply use to type up our scripts, cast lists, props, etc.
Notes - Functions simply as the name suggests, we use it to take quick notes of software we want to look into, or stuff that needs done on a shot or film.
Squash - The software we use to compress our pictures for our website so that they don’t slow down the load time.
Software (Windows)
Though we now run nothing but Macs, we did create our first film on Windows.
However, our knowledge of the Windows software world is rather limited.
It is worth mentioning, some of the above applications also have a Windows version, such as Paintbrush. Also, many Window-based programs can be swapped or exchanged for the ones listed above, per example, Microsoft Word could easily be substituted for Pages.

HItFilm Express
- A solid free video editing software. Also works for Mac. There is a paid version as well. We have downloaded it, but never used it. Yet, we've heard nothing but good about it.
Plug-Ins for FCPX
Color-Finale - Color-correcting plug-in.
Cinema Grade - Successor to Color-Finale. AMAZING color-correction plug-in.
Flicker Free - One problem that is persistent in stop-motion and even in live-action is light flickers. They are super hard to get rid of if you don’t catch them while filming, yet this plug-in makes it pretty simple to remove most, if not all, light flickers from your film.
Advanced Masking Tools 2 - This plug-in allows you to do powerful masking right from within Final Cut Pro. The advanced settings are practically endless. A very useful tool that we use rather regularly.
Neat Video - A de-noising plug-in that removes all noise in your film shot. It also includes a sharpening tool. This plug-in has the same kind of quality that they use to clean up old movies. A little pricey, but definitely worth the money. It has become an invaluable tool to us in our editing.
Studio Room Resources
Van Aken Clay - brown, green, and blue - We use this stuff all the time, from landscaping to holding up a sword or shield to securing sets, there is not a shot in our stop-motion films that does not involve Van Aken clay. Also, this stuff never dries out, which is a huge plus.
33 by 50 Green Grass Roll by Woodland Scenics - What we use for our grass in all our films. Woodland Scenics has lots of other useful products on their website. They are a company that provides all the products that help people create life-like dioramas, so the possibilities of what you can do with their products is rather endless.
Blue Sand, Sand - We have used our blue sand for water several times and the plain colored sand is great for desert or western scenes. While we haven’t done a western film yet, we definitely want to. Lord-willing maybe sometime in the future that will become a reality.
Cobblestone Road by Department 53 - We used this extensively in “The Battle of Bel Lione” for our paved castle yard. It also appeared in “Two Friends, Two Different Destinies” in the scene where the Ezekiel verses are read.
Poster Board for green-screening, green, blue, yellow, white, black, and red - We use these all the time. Great for green screens. Green-screens don’t have to be green, so we use the other colors when we have sets that involve a lot of green or blue, etcetera.
Glue-gun for securing sets - Use in moderation! There are a few pieces of our Playmobil that still are glued together or have glue on them. When you can, use Van Aken clay instead to hold down your sets. Sometimes glue is the only option though, just remember as we said, use in moderation.
LifeLites - Miniature led lights designed specifically for lighting LEGO creations, though they have worked great for stop-motion as well.
Woodland Scenics Lichen - Amazing for creating grass, shrubs and such in stop-motion. We use Woodland Scenics products a ton for creating a more real looking word in our stop-motion films.
Baking Soda - Great for snow in stop-motion.
Freestockmusic.com - Great place for 100% royalty free soundtracks for your films.
Incompetech.com - Another great place for free sound tracks, you only have to give credit in your video to use them.
Audioblocks.com - The ultimate place to get loops, soundtracks, and sound effects. If you are a regular filmmaker we highly recommend getting a subscription to this site. For only a $100 a year you can download all the soundtracks and sound effects you want and you can keep them forever, even if you chose to end your subscription. We use their soundtracks and sound effects quite regularly.
Promotional Resources
Vistaprint - This is where we order almost all of our promotional resources, such as business cards and flyers. They have dozens of other products to promote your business and we highly recommend using them. One thing though, there is always a coupon, never buy without a coupon. You should always be able to get 25% to 50% off your order with a coupon. We get an average of about 40% off on our orders.
Banners on the Cheap - This is where we order all our banners. Vistaprint does banners, but they aren’t near as cheap and they don’t have as many size options. Also, same as Vistaprint, there is always a coupon, the best coupon we have ever found is 15% and free shipping.
Replication Services
Mixonic - This is a dvd replication website for those of you who would like to create dvds for your film or films. They go the whole nine yards, with dvd label printing, dvd case insert, upc barcode, and shrink-wrap.
Vimeo Digital on Demand - Video on demand release platform for digital releases.
Vimeo OTT - Streaming service we use to host the digital streaming service we have here at Because of Jesus Films.