The FAQ Page, where you will find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions concerning BOJF.

What camera(s) do you use?
We currently use the Canon 60D for stop-motion.
For live-action, we have a Canon 80D and a BlackMagic Production 4k.
What software do you use to edit your films?
We use Final Cut Pro X for all of our editing needs as far as video.
Dragonframe is the program we use to create our photos into videos for stop-motion.
Affinity and Paintbrush are used when we need to edit photos individually for stop-motion.
How do you create your mouth animations for your films?
We paint the mouth movements in Paintbrush, then export them on a white background into Final Cut Pro. We then key (green screen) the white background out and resize the mouth animation to fit our character. Then we add a mouth animation on every single frame we want mouth movement.
It takes time, but the final product is well worth the work.
How many frames do you animate at?
We originally started at about six and we have since worked up to twelve frames, though in our films from the “The Final Stand” on, we have had shots ranging from twelve frames to twenty-four.
How long have you been making films?
By God's grace, we have been at this since 2012.
Why Playmobil®, instead of the more popular LEGO®?
Well, I suppose one could say it is what the Lord led us to animate with first. :)
In all seriousness, as kids we started collecting Playmobil before Lego. Therefore, when the Lord led us to make stop-motion films, it just made sense to stick with Playmobil.
Plus, Playmobil are bigger, therefore, a little easier to animate. :)

It actually has been a lot of fun making stop-motion with Playmobil, as it is an avenue of the stop-motion world that hasn't been developed much. So we are helping to pioneer a new area in stop-motion, at least in our minds. :)
What is some advice you would give to aspiring stop-motion filmmakers, or filmmakers in general?
First off, commit your ways and plans to the Lord. Let Him be your guide. Make Him the number one priority in your life and dreams. If it is His will for you to become a stop-motion animator or filmmaker, He will open those doors.

Secondly, patience, patience, and some more patience! Stop motion and filmmaking takes lots of time and you learn as you go. There will always be the temptation to quit, we face it ourselves quite often, but keep going! The finial product is worth it!

Thirdly, find other Christians who are like-minded in the films you are creating and learn from their experience.

Finally, always be sure to seek the Lord in prayer and in Scripture every step you take. We can’t stress enough that for a project to truly succeed, Jesus truly must be at the center. Give Him all the glory and let Him be your light and guide!

P.S. Have fun too! We certainly do here at BOJF. :)