Operation 45:
Raising the Banner

Freedom is never more than one generation from extinction.

With 45 days left to go before another pivotal election, the Mervar siblings are hitting the road to mobilize every American to stand up and let their voice be heard through their vote and their bold actions.

The time for silence is over! It is time to stand unashamed for the timeless biblical truths that made this nation great!

It is time to pledge to one another our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

For the fate of the free world hangs upon us.
Get involved:
- Vote this coming November for President and all Federal, State and City positions.
- Help turn out friends, family, neighbors and co-workers to vote this November.
- Vote in every election from now on, primaries included!
- Share our videos to get people energized in standing for what they believe!
- Stand firm in truth yourself and don't back down when the pressures of the cancel culture press in.

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Day 46: Fighting for Election Integrity

Day 45: Election Day!

Day 44: Our Hope is in Jesus

Day 43: What About After the Election?

Day 42: Don't Throw Your Vote Away

Day 41: Early Voting Without Masks

Day 40: Soft or Hard?

Day 39: Comfortable With the Uncomfortable

Day 38: Leave the Basement

Day 37: First Day of Canvassing

Day 36: Where Are You Christian?

Day 35: Michigan Bound

Day 34: MAGA Rally with Vice President Pence

Day 33: The Heart of Downtown

Day 32: Pressing On

Day 31: Supporting Pro-Abortion Candidates is Wrong

Day 30: A Family Parade

Day 29: The Pro-Life Question

Day 28: Back the Blue

Day 27: Sibling Takeover

Day 26: A FUN Day!

Day 25: Our Greatest Ally

Day 24: The Thin Line

Day 23: Rush Hour & U-Turns

Day 22: The Car Counter

Day 21: Don't Be Safe

Day 20: Encounter With Satanists

Day 19: Freedom for the Next Generation?

Day 18: A (Mostly) Quiet Day

Day 17: A Righteous Anger

Day 16: A Somber Day

Day 15: The Fatal Funnel

Day 14: Fellow Believers

Day 13: Use Words Wisely

Day 12: Sacrifice & Prayer

Day 11: Why I'm Voting for Trump

Day 10: Masks & COVID Craziness

Day 9: Rest & Review

Day 8: Prayer March in Washington D.C.

Day 7: An Ax & Maryland

Day 6: What's Freedom Worth?

Day 5: Proud American

Day 4: Adding the Police Flag

Day 3: Important Traits of a Candidate

Day 2: The Need for Honest Debate

Day 1: The Beginning of an Adventure